Just Like a Waving Flag

It doesn't have to be the 4th of July for you to show some American pride. This summer be on the lookout for those stars and stripes. Lately I've been seeing the flag printed on just about everything, from crop tops to distressed denim shorts, this print is a nice change from the usual polka dots and stripes. The distressed American flag look is perfect for those vintage lovers. So go ahead... wrap yourself in the flag. Check out these pieces I picked out from the web. 



Introducing: The Flatform

Huh...don't worry if your confused- I was too. Until I picked up a pair of my own and absolutely fell in love with my very comfortable new friend. So what exactly is a flatform you ask? I'd say it's a mixture of a flat-wedge and one-level-platform. Since they're flat, they're super comfy, and versatile enough to be worn with almost every trend this spring/summer. Like it? If your still not so sure, check out these affordable styles that may just be the next big thing in footwear. 

[from top left to right: Boutique 9 FlatformEgo and Greed TWO HUNDREDJeffrey Campbell CLARKFriis NEEMADiellaIrregular Choice Mish and Mash]


Festival Fashion

an earlier post I just had to bring back.. ULTRA MUSIC FESTIVAL in 4 DAYS!!!

It's THAT time of year again, and our favorite spring music festival is around the corner. Break out your shortest torn-up jean shorts, some wild crop tops, over-sized sunglasses, and get ready for one of the hottest, craziest gatherings of House music lovers. Ultra Music Festival 2011 is sure to be epic this year with an added 3rd day of performances! These outdoor gatherings are also birthplace of some of the most eclectic-get-ups in fashion. So even though fashion may be last on your mind at this event, plan out your outfits before hand so you can rage out in style for the weekend. Here's some inspiration from past events. 


Fishtail Fixation

Whenever staring in the mirror after a long night sleep, deciding how to tame my knott-ball of hair for the day, I somehow always come back to an attempted fishtail braid. I love love this look and always wished I could actually make it. So I went on a search this morning to find a how-to video that might actually work...the results, I can now make a not-too-perfect fishtail braid! We've seen this hairstyle appear on the runway numerous times this past year, but I've found that taking this look to the streets- for a lunch date or a night out, can be the perfect touch of trendy edge. Personally, I'm waiting for the day I have the guts to wear a fishtail braid with a cocktail dress for a dressy event. Not only is this braid in-style this year, but perfect when you wake up with a knott-ball of hair ;)

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Oxford Man

Menswear has been a extremely popular trend since early 2010, and has remained one in the new year. Although this menswear-inspired shoe trend is great for Fall, I think it's even better suited for this coming Spring season. Oxford shoes are a great transitional shoe as temperatures continue to rise. The simple lace up design polishes every outfit- from high wasted shorts to a simple skinny jean. Recently- designers have become much more innovative with the shoe design, adding cut-outs, or using several different fabrics we haven't seen before. Here are some of my top choices for the Oxford shoe..


Black is Black is Black

Question: What's your favorite color? 
Answer: Black. 

Most people, for whatever reason, always have an answer to this question. But most of these people also have NO clue what their preference says about them. The color Black being associated with mourning is something that is old-aged. To me, it's a symbol of rebellion, mystery, and edge. Not only is it the most flattering color, but the easiest to wear. It's an essential- for every category of clothing, one's closet should have an all black piece. Here's a blurb I found on the meaning of colors. 

The color black is often associated with power and sophistication and is often chosen for business wear, such as suits. Black is also the color of mystery and invokes a sense of the unknown. People who choose black as their favorite color are often artistic and sensitive. While these people aren't introverts, they are careful with the details of their lives and do not share easily with others preferring to wait until they are comfortable to share their feelings.


Can't Get Enough: NYFS 2

Just can't get enough of this year's fashion week. The never-ending posts of street style and runways will end shortly, I promise. But this one, it's about color. Not out-there, "hey look at me", color. Rather little hints of it added into an outfit as we turn our heads to the Spring season. This year it's all about the color, so don't be afraid to pick your favorite, and buy an oversized clutch in that bold neon yellow, or a pair of electric blue pumps. 


Top Knot

Why wasn't this hair trend fashionable when I was rocking it via soccer practice 8th grade? Just because  I had dirt on my knees, and scuffs on my cleats, doesn't mean I didn't know what I was doing with my messy top bun. Anyway- all over the runways of Spring Fashion Week we've seen designers from Rebecca Taylor to Adam, doing the up-do, literally. The high top knot bun has taken over once again with more of a casual, "less trying" feel. A little frizziness, a little mess, a little left out hair, and you have the oh-so-chic Top Knot. From soccer season to runway, oh yeah.